Line49 Design provides Web services offerings which feature the latest generation of visual and technical design concepts. Many of these techniques discussed below evolved in order to address an explosion in the variety of device screens now facing the Internet, and they leverage the capabilities of modern Web browsing software.

In this series, we look in depth at these various new techniques and see how they benefit your next Web project. Continue reading

Not that long ago, I sent my clients a note outlining some of the things Line49 is focussing on in 2013. Since you’re here at our website, let me tell you a bit more about what we’ve been working on. As a matter of fact, this very website, and the way it works, is a demonstration of what’s new around our group. I’ll go into details in subsequent articles; for now, here is a summary: Continue reading

2012 was a good year for business, but despite being busy we have also been working away at improving our portfolio of services in order to be yet more competitive. In the near future we will be advertising our focus in current Web publishing areas such as Responsive Web Design (including compatibility with Mobile devices), Facebook micro-sites and social media design + architecture in general. Continue reading