Company History

Line49 Design Group Inc. is a full-service boutique Web site design, development and management firm based in the high-tech Vancouver BC area. Since the mid-1990s, members of our group have provided Web presence solutions and technical expertise to organizations ranging from small to large, non-profit to enterprise.

After many years working in the consumer and creative technology industries, company founder Dave Smith moved into the Internet industry in 1996, providing management and creative services for various startup Internet service providers. Three years later, Dave transitioned toward a consulting business. The company that evolved into Line49 Design was founded on Canada Day, 1999.

Over the next few years Dave served numerous clients and gained a reputation for courteous, professional service that covered more than just Web design. Customers were able to turn to Dave for consulting and strategy in areas such as Web publishing, email marketing and technology in general.

By 2004 the business had grown to the point that other team members, always from the local Vancouver BC area, now became regular contributors. This enabled Line49 to provide more comprehensive services to larger clients.

Today, Line49 Design provides expertise in open-source Content Management Systems, E-Commerce, Responsive and Mobile-Ready Web Design and other online marketing and publishing strategies.

A great way to view our history in chronological format: our Facebook Timeline. Check it out here (Facebook membership not required):