About the Team

Line49 Design is a boutique-sized operation, but one that has the ability to scale up to handle agency-sized projects when required. We have a core group that has been together for many years. This nucleus consists of people performing complementary roles, including:

  • Dave Smith, Principal: Web Strategy & Project Management
  • Scott Johnson: Visual Design & Print Strategy
  • Debbie Battler: Search Marketing, Administration & Client Support
  • Laurelle Keashly: Web Development & Technical Administration
  • Ligia Margaritescu: Web Design
  • Navin Autar: Content Management
  • Llorin Keashly: Internet Architecture & CMS Maintenance
  • Gard Penny: Quality Assurance & Beta Testing

Line49 also has a network of other associates to draw from when the scope of your project demands it.

Our core team members have been providing professional, courteous business Web services for years, starting as early as 1994. Over the years, the business was founded then evolved to add the many core team members listed above.

All of the team members are Canadian, living and working in British Columbia. The team members generally work from home, operating as a virtual workgroup. Many of them also perform Web and creative services outside of Line49. So even if you need services beyond Web design, it’s worth your time to talk to us!