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Our little group has provided Web presence solutions and technical expertise to organizations ranging from small to large, non-profit to enterprise. Over the years we have received positive feedback from customers who came to rely on us to deliver help in ways that they didn’t originally imagine!

Here are a few nice things people have said about us, in random order. When you look at the sources, keep in mind that these samples represent comments dating from the 1990s until the present day.

Everyone loves the site!

Hey Dave,

Everyone loves the site!

Good job!

Chris Cremona
Xeva Mortgage

They don't come better

In my experience they don't come better than you.

David R. McKenzie Ph. D.

Laurelle did a great job...

Laurelle did a great job of finding and fixing those PHP issues [on ecommerce site brought to Line49 for tech help]. I even got some orders coming in.

Douglas Hamilton
Bayview Gift Baskets

Looks and functions great!

Hey Dave,

The mobile site looks and functions great!

Thomas Rasmussen
Mobler Imports

You have done an amazing job

You have done an amazing job, and from all of us I would like to thank you for all your hard work. We are all very excited to begin our wonderful journey.

Monica Hampu
Women & Money

I'll say it again

I think I have said this before ...but it begs saying again – you are a GOD!

I really appreciate your help on this.

Margaret H. Johnson
Solutions Credit Counselling

The site is great!

The site is GREAT! Good job.
See if we get "buyers"!!

Harma Hill
Travel Headquarters

Snazzy new website: WOO HOO!

I have had a number of enquiries - WOO HOO based upon our new snazzy web site.

FW: FANTASTIC updated website

Kevin et al,

I am looking in awe and admiration at your just I assume updated website for AT. What a beautiful elegant well laid out site. Who did this? Magnificent.

I like everything about it: the look, the ease of navigation, the photos. It is perfect.

Praise and kudos to whomever did this. Truly impressive.


Exactly what I wanted

Dave: I LOVE the second one... Once more you impress me greatly with your skills. It’s EXACTLY what I want. Excellent, excellent work.

Brenda Dumont

Astonished at the look and feel

Congratulations! I did speak to Dave and am just astonished at how much better the look and "feel" of the site is. I am impressed and grateful.

Brenda Dumont

All I can say is wow!

Hey Dave,
I just checked out the new design to our web-site. All I can say is wow!
That looks absolutely amazing. Very impressive - I hope it helps you land some good accounts.

Tom Zverina
Inflectec Inc.

They complimented us on our website

Thanks for your help.... it looks like we have a new substantial client who found us on the internet & complimented us on our website. Well done!!

So impressed with this new site

I am going to bed now … gotta tell you that I am so impressed with this new site...

From The Heart

Looks great Dave!

Canuck Place
Cards From The Heart campaign

Job (continually) well done

I don't know if it's you or someone else handling the mass email content but it's excellent!
[It was us :]

So happy thank you!!

Hi Dave,

This is great!! So happy thank you!! Please be sure you bill us for all the time it took! Thanks again I really appreciate the help!

Holy!! Amazing!

WOW! What an amazing website! Holy!!

Simon Pearson-Roach
on JetSet Crew


Dave: About every two days I check both counters just to see what's happening. For the first time EVER, Yahoo searches are showing up as sources for hits. Congratulations!

Brenda Dumont
Dumont & Associates

Great and prompt work

Thanks Ligia and Dave for your great and prompt work, and for being fabulous to work with as always.

Susan Bogdanich
Strategis Group

You're the Very Best!


You and the TEAM are the VERY BEST!!!!!

Margaret Johnson
Debt Canada

Does she know?

Thx super dave

PS does your wife know you are super?

Jamie Goehring
JetSet Crew

It's looking amazing!

I'm loving the site!!! it's looking amazing!!! haha! love it

Dan Rizzuto
The Green Body

You are a genius!

Ligia..you are a genius! Thank you so much.

Exceedingly easy to navigate

I would like to say what an excellent site this is!  It's exceedingly easy to navigate, quick loading, and full of useful info.  I love the large print and easy-to-follow links, and no fancy Flash.

Best regards,

Julia (and yes, I'm a retired webdesigner)

Julia Schoennagel
re: Dr. David Wilkie

Great web site

I like the web site, it works well. Overall it looks very professional, great photos.

A toast to your success.

You're the best

Brilliant. Thanks, Dave! You're the best.

Josh Murray
Artful Travelers

New page looks terrific

The new page looks terrific. Excellent choice and placement of photos, Gard!
The board members will be very pleased.

Fantastic attention to detail

Your attention to detail is fantastic! ... send me a bill...!

Margaret Dron
BC Mortgage Advice

One of the best I have ever seen!

WOW! One of the best I have ever seen!! Polished..professional..excellent and exquisite layout!! Congrats !!


I am very happy with the look and feel of this site, Dave. Bravo!

David R. McKenzie Ph. D.

Lightning response time

Lightning response time, thanks for this Laurelle!

Butch Marshall

Good work again

Excellent. Well, I think what you've done is perfect...
Good work, again.

Dennis Charland
Park Insurance

The results are very impressive

The Website looks great. I'm very pleased with the work you guys put into it. The results are very impressive. Well Done!

I am thrilled Ligia, thanks so much!

Absolutely Brilliant!!!!!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!

Prompt and efficient service

Thanks, Debbie - and we appreciate your prompt and efficient service.

Great work, looks sharp

It's great, thanks guys. Great work, looks sharp. Thanks for taking my comments and turning it into a great finished product.

Picking up on the message

Love it, thank you for picking up what I was putting down. You can send me an invoice... My computer thanks you as well.

Matt Wheeler
Loyal Construction

You Rock!

Thanks Dave! YOU ROCK!

Stuntlist is a good thing, so thank-you, for all your work!

Dave Mylrea
StuntList Canada

Truly an A-one job!

Dave & Cliff,
I just want to say that I am so impressed with the new website.....I have no idea how many hundreds of hours have gone into the planning, but it's undoubtedly worth every minute you've invested. Truly an A-one job!!!!

Wendy Rubin
Prospects Influential Inc.

Wow is all I can say

Dave...saw the site was up!!!!.... wow is all I can for now...and thanks so much....Merry Christmas to you and yours....

Best in my field

Thanks Dave....website looks great. I had a young woman (28 or so) call me for an appointment today and she praised my website as the best she had ever seen in my field. Nice compliment to you! 🙂

David R. McKenzie Ph. D.

Outta sight!

David I just had a quick look. You are outa sight! THANKS A LOT.

Thanks for all your hard work

Thanks Dave... this project is "a wrap!"

Thanks again for all your hard work, and that of your team.

Dennis Charland
Park Insurance

An amazing job!

Hi Dave,
Things look great!...You both have done an amazing job! We appreciate EVERYTHING you are doing to help our business!
...Thank you Dave...you are AMAZING !!!!

Barbara Katnich
Integrated Fulfillment

Pleasure doing business

Thanks so much and the amount sounds just right.
It is a pleasure doing business with you now and in the future.

Rev. Sue Foley
St. Michaels Anglican Church

Website growing in popularity

The website is growing in popularity thanks to our Website Coordinator Laurelle... As the months go by, the website becomes more and more popular... Laurelle has done a great job

Simple but easy to navigate

I love it Mike! It is very simple but easy to navigate through. Great job. I wouldn't expect anything less from you 🙂

Incredible job!

Hi Dave,
The site looks awesome. Everyone says you did an incredible job!!!!!!
Thanks again

You're the best

Your work on canadianretail.com is invaluable and I think you're about the best Webmaster in the world! A little too over the top?

Brenda Dumont

Super easy to use

Hi Dave, Awesome job on the web site. Super easy to use.. Thanks Well done!!!

Tracy Olley
Prospects Influential Inc.

You are the man

Did I mention how much I love the new website... I love what you have done and cannot say it enough, great job again Dave.

Gaston Morrison
on StuntList Canada

An increase of over 20%

Hi Gang,

Just wanted to say thank you for all of your work on the New Recruits campaign.

New Recruits - which was a big hit again this year - over 190 submissions - an increase of over 20% from last year alone!

Thanks to your team

Thanks again for all the hard work from you and your team, you guys did a great job.

All the great work

Thanks Scott! thank-you for all the great work....

Dave Mylrea
StuntList Canada

You Rock!

Thanks.. for all the great work Laurelle!! YOU ROCK!!

Dave Mylrea
StuntList Canada

Thank you for your hard work!

Things are rolling along fabulously and I am super stoked. Thank you for all your hard work!

Mimi Lauzon

Highest number of leads ever

WOW !!!!!!!!
In all my years in the Sales Business I have NEVER seen Sales People enjoy the number of leads that we receive. This is mainly due to the fine work of Pauline, Dave & Cliff

Daryl Eastlick
Prospects Influential Inc.

Do you sleep?

I assume that you never sleep! Great job on the web site. I had another good look round and particularly liked the way that you cleaned up... very elegant.

Malcolm Swallow
Canadian Zinc

Spectacular email marketing

Thanks, Dave. Oh, and by the way, the piece is spectacular! Better than ever – thanks for getting it out so quickly.

Brenda Dumont

Clean and easy to navigate

I was just on the CDF web site and it looks great! Nice and clean and easy to navigate with good contact info. Just wanted to let you know....we really appreciate your efforts!

Kathleen Campbell
Caribbean Days Festival

Pleased with the clean layout

I have just looked at the site in detail via my phone and I am pleased with the clean layout and the ease via a mobile device. I knew the company was on the right track with you ... Keep up the good work!

Highly recommended

Dave Smith is our web person he and his great team have helped us for the last 12 years and without any reservation we highly recommend him.

Does somebody at Line49 compulsively collect these positive messages? Er, no, not at all. Why do you ask?