Annoying or Inspiring? Sound in Modern Webdesign (Best Practice)

You could think that background music in web design was totally out. We, the web designers and developers thought we had left behind this anachronistic way of attracting attention since the early stages of web design. But we were wrong. Sound, in the shape of effects or background music for particular areas of a website, is slowly gaining popularity again. Enough reason for us to grill this trend.

Who doesn’t know this? You visit a website unsuspectingly, and suddenly it makes itself noticeable with a loud background noise. In many cases, there is also no button that allows you to quickly turn of off the sound. The reaction of most visitors is obvious: closing the browser tab with a quick click. The users simply forgo the visit to a website that might contain the exact information they’re searching for. All because the concept of the site didn’t fit.

Maybe the web developer has let the client influence him too much and wasn’t able to come out on top. Either way, the result remains the same. Potential visitors or even customers leave the website because they are annoyed by the background music. In many situtations, you can gain the impression that the music is not supposed to be supportive, but is rather implemented by technology loving nerds for the sole purpose of implementing it. Of course, no visitor will reward that. That brings up the question if it could work in a different way.

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