Check out the new Google Webmaster resource with a new design, better organization and three new features.

Google relaunched the portal for webmasters at This is where most webmasters go to log in to the Google Search Console, but it is also jam-packed with help documentation related to making a better website and complying with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

The site is much cleaner-looking and also is more entertaining. But it does contain access to support, a place to learn and methods to connect with Googlers and webmasters. They also launched three new features for the new portal:

  • Webmaster troubleshooter for helping webmasters find quick answers about moving your site or understanding a message in Search Console.
  • Popular resources for a curated list of popular Google Webmasters YouTube videos, blog posts and forum threads.
  • Event Calendar for access to office hours or time of a live event near you.

You can check it out over at

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