Hacked? How to Clean Your Site and Get Off Google’s Blacklist

So, did it hurt? When you landed at the bottom of the SERPs, I mean, and Google slapped a scary red warning message on your site telling people to keep out.

If this happened due to an error on your part (bad SEO, shady linking tactics, etc) that’s one thing. But if your site was hacked and now contains malicious code, that’s just adding insult to injury – and can really damage your reputation.

Unfortunately, that’s just one of the risks of being in charge of your own site maintenance. Stuff like this can happen. Sure, it’s fantastic being able to build your own site in WordPress, but as Spiderman says, with great power comes great responsibility. To put it plainly, you have control over how your site looks but you’re also in control when/if your site runs into problems.

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