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In recent years, an industry has arisen which provides social media marketing, viral campaign management and administration for Web services like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+. Business have learned how to leverage these tools to promote their messages and communicate with stakeholders.

Facebook Template Gallery
Example Facebook Template Gallery

At Line49, we notice that there is a  need for design and technical services to support social campaigns that is best handled by an experienced Web design firm, and that is the niche we serve in. To assist in your marketing efforts and present the best possible face on your Social Web properties, Line49 offers the following services.

Facebook Microsite

  • Create a small Web site on Facebook, populated with brochure content
  • Similar to systems used by large, established corporations
  • CMS- based pages that you can update and edit yourself
  • Perfect for use in campaigns and contests
  • Ideal starting point for businesses without a corporate Web site

Facebook Timeline

  • Custom cover image design
  • Image + photo management
  • Milestone history deployment based on your corporate archives

The Social Web Brand Collection

We get you set up on various social media sites, reserve your vanity URLs and protect your namespace. Then we customize your corporate image on popular Web services such as these:

  • Twitter: custom backgrounds
  • YouTube Channel: custom backgrounds
  • LinkedIn Company Page: cover images
  • Google+ Business Page: cover images

Find out more about getting you set up on social media and protecting your namespace.