WordPress: for telling your story

WordPress is a Web site Content Management System (CMS) which first became known as a blogging platform. Over the years it has developed into the most popular platform for Web publishing in existence.

WordPress is a pleasure to use because in comparison to most website platforms, it is intuitive to use. Almost anyone can learn the basic functionality in a matter of minutes and keep their website up-to-date with ease. Those with a social streak love the way it works well with other popular social media software. Search engines love WordPress as well.

WordPress, which is free of charge to use, provides a website framework to which additional plug-in features can be added.  These software add-ons are generally also free or very affordable. This extends the power of the platform to beyond basic blogging. WordPress is a great solution for your corporate brochure website.

How much should I budget?

Project Type Full Service
Basic brochure-style website for your business $5000- $10,000
Comprehensive functionality, features such as member community, classifieds, document management, forums etc. $12,000 – $15,000 +
A comprehensive website for a specific purpose, such as a large online retail store, directory or portal From $25,000

What’s Included

Line49 is a design firm that provides custom design work for your WordPress brochure site or blog. Our typical projects include:

  •  High-impact custom artwork
  •  User-friendly navigation that can accommodate as much content as you need
  •  Responsive Web Design: mobile-ready layout for up to five different screen types
  •  Content editing, formatting and posting
  •  Training and coaching: managing your WordPress website
  • Plus:
  •  Web hosting account setup and deployment
  •  Wordpress installation, recommended plug-ins and software customization
  •  Security and anti-hacking tweaks
  •  Website testing and quality assurance
  •  Search-engine-friendly construction
  •  Google services setup: Analytics, sitemap submission, automatic reporting, Webmaster Tools
  • Recommended: WordPress Care Bundle: ongoing hosting management and software care and security updates. Find out why this is critical.

For those who are on a tighter budget, or who prefer to get help with the heavy lifting then handle the content and Web publishing chores on their own, we have another option.  Our No-Frills plan includes just what you need to get up and running. Also perfect for those who just need a blog set up, but want a more professional approach than using a free solution.

  •  Web hosting account setup and deployment
  •  Wordpress installation and recommended setup
  •  Security and anti-hacking tweaks
  •  Basic visual customization, based on an existing Web design theme
  •  Desktop format only (no responsive or mobile-specific design)
  •  Post your content yourself easily using WordPress: supports as much content as you’d like to create
  • Recommended: WordPress Care Bundle: ongoing hosting management and software care and security updates. Find out why this is critical.

How to get started

A custom project estimate will reflect the scope of services involved, the preparedness of your content and materials, your expected timeline and number of stages involved. Learn more about typical project budgets we work within.

To proceed with a custom project estimate, please contact us using the information below. New enquiries are entitled to a complimentary consultation session.