Search Marketing overview

In webdesign, there are several terms to describe the statistics and amount of traffic the website receives.

Here is a typical segment from a Website statistics report:          Month of January 2010

Visitors                   1000

Visits                      2000

Page Views              10,000

Hits                        100,000


The number of different people who have visited the Website.

Bob, Mary, and Jane and 997 other people are all visitors.


This term is also known as:


Unique Visitors

Unique Users

Sites/ IP Addresses


The total number of times visitors came to the Website.

These 1000 different people all visited the site 2 times each on average.


This term is also known as:

User Sessions


Page Views

The total number of pages the visitors viewed.

Every time someone visited the site, they viewed 5 different pages on average.


This term is also known as:




The total number of files the server was asked to send out.

Most Web pages, unlike Word documents, are made up of multiple files. If you view a Web page with 5 pictures in it, you are viewing at least 6 files – one each for the 5 pictures, and one HTML file to supply the text and tell the pictures where to appear.

In the example above, the average Web page on is made up of 10 files.


It is important to keep in mind that all of the ways Web traffic can be measured are highly prone to error, and so 2 different programs or services reporting on the same Website will not match.