FAQ: About Your Project




Q: What is the process to plan and create a Website?
Q: Do all Website projects have to involve all of those steps?
Q: What if I have a small budget and can’t afford all that work, but still want a custom design?
Q: How much will my Website cost? Do you bill hourly or flat rate?
Q: How much time does it take?
Q: What makes it take longer?
Q: How can I speed it up?
Q: How much of my own (team’s) time and involvement is needed?
Q: What happens if we come up with more ideas during the project? What happens if we go over budget?
Q: What is the downside if we can’t provide content or prioritize this project, as you’ve described?
Q: What types of designs have you created before? Have you serviced our industry?


Discovery & Planning

Q: What happens at a discovery meeting?
Q: How do I know how large, or how many pages, my Website should be?
Q: What options or features can come with my new Website?
Q: Will you be technically capable of building what I want?
Q: Who will maintain the Website once it is built? Will I (my team) be able to update the site?
Q: Is it hard to maintain/update our Website? Will we be shown how to do it?
Q: I want somebody on our team to help update the Website, but not have total control of it. Can certain people have more privileges than others?
Q: How much does maintenance cost if you do it?
Q: Are your Websites search-engine-friendly? Do you do the search engine positioning?


Q: Why do you need a password from me?
Q: Why do you need a credit card no.?
Q: Do I have to have a domain name?
Q: How do I choose a domain name? How do I know if it’s taken?
Q: Should I use a .com name?
Q: Where should my Website be hosted? Do you host Websites?
Q: I have heard of (XYZ Hosting Co.). Are they a good host? Should we use them?
Q: Do you set up our email addresses? Can we control/manage our own email settings?

Materials Gathering & Content

Q: What materials and information do you need from me/us?
Q: Who will be responsible to write the text for the Website?
Q: What search engine marketing materials or info do we need to have ready when building the Website?
Q: I have an idea as to how the content in my Website should be organized. Can you take my list of pages and work
from it?
Q: What format do you need our logo/artwork/photos in?
Q: How many photos do we need? What type of photos should we give you?
Q: How can we send you large files?


Q: How does the visual design get chosen?
Q: I have an idea of how I want the Website to look. Can you take this sketch I’ve done and adapt it to create my
Q: What is “Storyboarding”?
Q: Will the final Website design look different from the initial “wireframe” template? How many revisions do we get?
Q: What do we have to do/choose to personalize and style our new Website?
Q: I could buy a template. Why should I pay you to design my site?
Q: I see a Website that I like. Can you make one like it? How much will it cost?

Build, Test & Launch

Q: Do you build sites using ASP, .Net, Java, JSP, etc?
Q: Do you do “Usability Testing”?
Q: Do you check the Website for bugs, mistakes, and to make sure it’s working before launch