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About This Project is the largest online membership based travel provider, committed to helping users plan and purchase travel by offering the best combination of curated vacation packages, destination activities, cruises, trip insurance, smart card technology and rewards programs.

With FlyeDirect, travellers have access to over 5000 curated trips, to over 500 global destinations. When FlyeDirect began, we had a very simple idea. Make it easier for people on any budget to have a worry-free, world-class travel experiences where they are treated like a VIP. Our Dream Trips are the foundation of our membership and they always will be.

FlyeDirect customers are supported by customer support agent available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via online chat and 9am-5pm Monday to Friday via our toll-free number and email.

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Advanced contact or signup forms
Advanced Search or custom search function
Live Chat or Instant Feedback tabs
Media Gallery: photo, videos, etc
Membership or subscription system, or members-only content

Note: since our clients can manage their own content, the appearance of live Web sites may to some extent not be exactly the same as when delivered