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JetSet Crew Events

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JetSet Crew has been established for years as a producer of high-end celebrations and events catering to Vancouver’s socialites. Line49 Design has been maintaining JetSet Crew’s Web properties since 2006. Over the years, we have helped promote over 50 occasions for this elite event creator. Read More

The JetSet Crew Web site has a ticket payment system which has reliably powered the sale of thousands of event tickets, year in and year out since its upgrade in 2010. For the Vancouver Olympics, Line49 integrated PayPal’s Website Payments Pro service into a custom-modified multi-event shopping cart sytem, allowing partygoers to snap up tickets for multiple nights of celebration with close to zero issues and without ever leaving the JetSet Crew website. Read the full story about the 2010 Olympics redesign.
In 2011, JetSet Crew commissioned a special Portfolio Archive Web site to celebrate and showcase the creative social events they have created since 2003. Line49 was asked to create a suitable navation system for this extensive collection. The problem was solved by organizing the Web site both by year and by recurring event type. See the JetSet Crew Portfolio Website.

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Advanced contact or signup forms
E-Commerce: store, catalogue, or payment solution
Email Marketing: template, content or list mgmt
Events Calendar
Media Gallery: photo, videos, etc
Member Directory or Online Community
Membership or subscription system, or members-only content
Video or Audio Editing

Note: since our clients can manage their own content, the appearance of live Web sites may to some extent not be exactly the same as when delivered

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Industries: Arts & Entertainment Websites, Consumer Services Websites, Events Websites, and Travel/Tourism Websites.
Dates: 2006 and 2010.
Platform: Joomla and Wordpress.
Layout & Design: Box Layout and Classic Web Design.