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Nova Scotia-based Russell House Marketing, established in 1992, has expanded its business holdings across Canada with its acquisition of direct marketing firms in Alberta and British Columbia. in In 2011, Line49 was engaged to create a design approach that could be used for all three business properties in the RHM family. Read More

We began by creating a layout that would serve as a suitable container for the slightly different messages and priorities offered by each business. Since it was important for the three Web properties to appear cohesive, a consistent approach was used in layout. However it was necessary for each to have the flexibility to present its content in its own style. Through use of a billboard-style image slideshow, variations in photo and unique icons the desired result was obtained.After the new Russell House website was launched, the other two businesses were handled in rapid fire:

  • Honeycomb Direct Mail, established in 1994, is well-known in Vancouver for its direct mail and database marketing.
  • Penny Lane Marketing, established in 1995, is a well-respected Edmonton firm specializing in direct marketing production.

As a whole, the three properties in the RHM family provide business marketing services from coast to coast.

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Project Highlights

Advanced contact or signup forms
Live Chat or Instant Feedback tabs
Page Layouts: extensive content templating or formatting

Note: since our clients can manage their own content, the appearance of live Web sites may to some extent not be exactly the same as when delivered

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Industries: Business Services Websites and Sales & Marketing Websites.
Dates: 2011.
Platform: Joomla.
Layout & Design: Box Layout, Classic Web Design, and Iconography.