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StuntList is a curated member community made up of Canadian and international stunt actors. It is a completely Web-based business; the website is where the membership is managed, the players’ work is showcased and a large portion of dues are collected. Line49 has played a significant role in providing strategy for this special project. Read more

StuntList was originally a manually managed list of West Coast stunt actors distributed via PDF. Before Line49 was involved, that list was housed on a previous version of the StuntList Web site for any member to download. Since working with Line49, this valuable list is now automatically generated from the database of members who log in to this Website, and is available only to the coordinators who hire the stunt players for film work. That small touch is one of dozens of examples of tactical guidance that Line49 has provided to this project over the years.StuntList has had staying power where other similar services have not. One measure of its success is that this community has expanded from a BC-specific group to one that serves all of Canada. Line49 played a key role in transitioning StuntList from one to multiple “sites”, named StuntList Canada, StuntList East & StuntList West.

The features on StuntList are almost too numerous to mention. Most of them are visible only to the members, who must meet certain industry standards for approval to gain access to the private features listed in the sidebar.

  • Multiple ‘sites’: Canada, East & West, all built on one website using one database
  • Member Directory with profile information about site users
  • Customized lists, reports and views of member data for different levels of access: stunt players, apprentices, stunt coordinators & site owners
  • Member subscription payment system. Subscription system giving users services depending upon the subscription they signup for
  • Add members to Faves List for shortlisting
  • View member photos in Head Shots list
  • Resume and document repository
  • Photos galleries for members, organized into categories
  • Member Spotlight: featured sidebar photo
  • YouTube-style video gallery with member uploads
  • Billboard-style photo slideshow on the home page
  • Online discussion board where people can hold conversations via posted messages
  • “Bulletin Board”-style Facebook feed
  • Latest news headline feed
  • Integration with third party email marketing services
  • Custom-tailored site search

Note: many features above available only to members, who must be experienced stunt actors in order to gain access

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Project Highlights

Advanced Search or custom search function
Blog: custom news content area
Branding, Identity or Logo Design
Document Manager or file download area
E-Commerce: store, catalogue, or payment solution
Email Marketing: template, content or list mgmt
Forum, Bulletin Board or community discussion
Media Gallery: photo, videos, etc
Member Directory or Online Community
Membership or subscription system, or members-only content
Page Layouts: extensive content templating or formatting
Random or Rotating Content: display ads, quotes, testimonials, etc
Social Media Marketing services

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