Technical Services

Web Hosting Management

When we create or manage a Web site, we will generally take responsibility for its maintenance, so we can be sure that the service matches the Web site’s needs. Over the past decade, as websites have become more complex, this has become more important than most Web owners are aware.

Unlike most Web design firms, we do more than just refer you to a Web host and resell their products to you; we proactively manage your Web presence. In emergency situations, our experience with technical maintenance, custom backup and disaster recovery can be the difference that prevents your website and email data from being irretrievably lost. Find Out More…

CMS Software Care

Web sites with advanced features such as Content Management Systems demand a higher level of hosting service. The more complex a Web site is, the greater the risk of security breaches due to outdated software. CMS platforms are like operating systems on your computer. Find Out More…

Advanced Email Service: GSuite

A better way to host your organization’s email! One-time setup fee includes:

  • Deployment of Google Apps For Business using your domain name.
  • Huge mailboxes, starting at 30 GB/person.
  • Receive large files up to 25MB by email.
  • Advanced spam control: huge reduction of junk mail!
  • Gmail interface, accessible anywhere.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Outlook, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry or any email program/device.
  • Shared group Calendar plus online Docs + Spreadsheets.
  • Up to one hour setup & support provided to primary contact.
  • Low ongoing fees charged by Google. $5/user/month, or $50/user/year.

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Other Ongoing Services

Line49 provides a number of post-project services, including Web site Content Management, Domain Name Management, Email Management and more.