Getting Started with GSuite

You may have heard the term “the cloud” used to describe online business infrastructure and software services.  Google Apps is one of the best examples of this for small businesses. It is a simple and popular service that provides inexpensive business email, group calendars, documents and more, all hosted online. It removes restrictions you may be encountering with conventional email stored at your Web hosting provider.  It leverages Google’s popular Gmail service, but using the domain name your business has registered, ie “”.

Why use Gmail for your business?

Here are some good reasons to use Google for business email, from the perspective of Line49.

  1. Massive storage
    Google Apps For Business provides 30 GB of email storage per user, which is about 300 times the normal amount allocated to a mailbox by an Internet provider or Web host.
  2. Ability to handle large attachments
    Google allows you to send and receive attachments up to 25 MB in size. That is very large for email; an ISP like Shaw or Telus will generally not support that.
  3. Amazing SPAM filtering
    We have never seen junk mail filtering that works anywhere near as well as Google’s. You no longer have to check your Junk E-mail folder because your will almost never lose a legitimate message in there. You can train it so that it knows what you consider spam and what is not. You will never see anything about Viagra anymore.
  4. Blacklist avoidance
    From time to time, email hosted on ISPs and Web servers will become ‘blacklisted’, meaning that it is not accepted by other email servers. This occurs when a spammer who happens to be using the same email server as you sends out bulk messages. That entire server is blocked as a result. But Gmail is set up to not allow this to happen, so your email is not likely to suffer from this issue while using Google.
  5. High Uptime
    It is very rare for Gmail to go down.
  6. Mobility
    Your mailbox can be accessed anywhere using their Web site, More importantly, it can be accessed using any software, computer or device, including MS Outlook on your PC, your iPhone, your iPad, Android (of course) or anything else. When used properly (using IMAP), it becomes possible to read and delete mail on any machine, and have your actions immediately mirrored on all of your other devices. No more “I can’t get at that message because I read it at work” or “I had to delete that message on all my machines”.
  7. Ubiquity
    Gmail has become the world’s most popular mail service. It is easier to set up than conventional ISP mail because it is more widely adopted and supported by any device or app that supports email services. Gmail for business (Google Apps) leverages the exact same system, but uses your domain name in order to provide you with branded corporate email.

What’s Included?

Google Business E-mail

  • Ability to use your regular business e-mail address. It supports the hosting of your domain name for email.
  • Ability to stick with your current e-mail software. Fully supports Microsoft Outlook and other programs.
  • E-mail available on any computer using Google’s excellent Gmail-based Web interface.
  • Email anywhere, always in sync. Fully compatible with iPhone, Blackberry, and other mobile devices.

Google Calendar, Google Drive and More

  • Share your schedule. Let your co-workers, family, and friends see your calendar, and view schedules that others have shared with you. When you know when everyone is free or busy, scheduling is a snap.
  • Sync with your desktop calendar. Events added in Microsoft Outlook will appear on all of your devices.
  • 5 GB of free Google Drive storage per user. Set up a folder for documents that is automatically synchronized to the cloud. Access those important files from any Internet-connected computer or device.
  • Unlimited Google Docs. Create online spreadsheets, PowerPoint-style presentations, drawings and more.

What Does it Cost?

Google Apps For Business Rates

$5/user/month  or


Your choice of payment plan above includes:

  • Email inbox size:  30 GB per user
  • Custom email address with your domain name
  • 24/7 customer support by Google
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • No Gmail ads

More info: Get started here.
Credit card required. Service is subject to Google’s terms & conditions.

How Do I Start?

We recommend that you let Line49 initiate the process for you. Simply ask us to set up your Google Apps account.

  • Line49 will bill you one time only for the labor involved to set up the service. Typical labour budgets start at two hours for a sole individual. For a small group, up to one hour per person supported is typical, depending on the number of devices supported. Rate: $80/hr.
  • Your setup fee covers installation and transfer of your existing e-mail addresses. Mail currently residing on the old email server can optionally be copied over to Google as well.
  • Line49 is available for supplemental coaching and support as needed. However, most clients find that post-setup support is minimal. Clients who have made the switch to Google typically need less technical support after the move than before.

Want to get started on your own? Get started here.